Safety for our team and our clients in-studio has been and will remain our top priority as we move forward. We have spent countless hours developing our new standards for operating, going above government recommendations, in order to provide you with the best at home and in-studio experience possible.

We have enhanced all cleaning procedures to include hospital grade cleaning products and additional professional cleanings. Not to mention that each client has their own Mega (sizing in at 11.5 ft long and over 3 ft wide) and no shared equipment in class. Over half of our machines are spaced at least 6ft apart (in addition to the size of the Mega) and our last machine reduces space to 4ft.

We all know air filtration is important, which is why we have installed the highest quality filters to remove additional particles from the air. We have a fresh air intake valve that works in conjunction with our air system to increase air turnover in studio and we keep the doors open when we can - it just is so hot in Austin sometimes!

This is just the start. Our team will be listening to you, fine tuning our processes and evaluating ways to keep our community safe, while sweating together.