All classes will be cancelled effective March 18, 2020.

We held on as long as we could, wanting to offer you reprieve from the crazy times we're living, a chance to grow stronger in light a looming pandemic, and a place for community in an unprecedentedly isolating time. But the decision had to be made to close our studio doors.

We will stay connected though. That's the beautiful thing about technology - it can bring us together, even when we are apart. We'll be dishing out virtual shakes, showing you how to do your own mega-inspired workouts at home. We'll continue to talk to you and do our best to bring you a smile, motivation and health tips. We'll share our trainers stories, and hope you'll share your stories in return. So we can all get through this stressful time together and come out stronger on the other side.

As for memberships and class sign-ups - we got you. Over the next week your packages will be extended and class credits dropped back into your accounts. We hope to offer Mega private and duet sessions and are working out the details on bringing those to you as regulations allow. Thank you all so much for your continued support.

While the cause we are all uniting against is incredibly important, we ask that you take one second today to think of all the others, especially those in the service industry that are directly effected and without pay during this already tough time. Many of you have already asked how you can help the Pure Pilates Austin community alive and vibrant during these trying times - here are a few ways!

Buy a class pack now with extended expiration

Keep paying your monthly membership rather than freeze it

Donate directly to our training team by purchasing a donation online that will go 100% into the hands of our team members who rely on this job as their income

We love you 💙 and will be back!