If you are on the waitlist, you may be added to the class up to 2 hours prior to the start of class time. You are responsible for monitoring their account to see if they got into class via notifications and logging into their account. To receive notifications via email or text you must login to your account and select those settings. To check your account to see if you are still on the waitlist, login to Mindbody via a BROWSER -> select My Classes -> My Waitlists. Once you are in a class and off the waitlist it will show the class in "My Classes" rather than "My Waitlists."

If you no longer want to take a class you are waitlisted for you must remove yourself from the waitlists. If you are added to the class up to 2 hours before class start time you are responsible the spot and adhering to the late cancel policy. Late cancel is a class canceled within 12 hours prior to class start time.

When you are added from the waitlist, they system will say ‘Waitlist -Unconfirmed,’ however the spot is yours no matter if you confirm or do not confirm the spot.

For example: You were #1 on the waitlists for BOTH South Lamar and West Campuses 4:30 pm classes, and you were notified that you got a spot in the 4:30 South Lamar class - you must remove yourself from the 4:30pm West Campus waitlist. If you do not, and you receive a spot in the West Campus Class, you will be charged for BOTH 4:40 pm classes.

Here is a video to help.

If you are on a waitlist and you are added and do NOT have a class credit in your account, you will be charged for a single session to hold your spot. If it is almost class time and you are still on the waitlist, feel free to swing by before class and cross your fingers!