I have been taking classes here a couple of times a week since it opened, and I am addicted! I have already felt my body change within a few weeks. The classes are challenging but doable. I feel like I've gotten a great workout each time I leave, and I love that each class is different than before. Another perk is that each class is 45 min, so it's easy to fit into your schedule. I would recommend Pure Pilates Austin for anyone that wants a great workout and loves a fun, upbeat atmosphere!



I love Pure Pilates for many reasons. The 45 minute workout is the most efficient workout I have ever done. The workout involves your legs, arms, and core. I have done all kinds of weight and toning programs over the years and this is, by far, the best I have done. The teachers are great. They know their stuff and they plan their workouts to cover the whole body. I can't say enough good things about Pure Pilates. Its addicting and I can't get enough of this workout and this team!

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Pure is such a great and different way to work out - you WILL be sore the next day! I started going to a few classes this year, and I like how the classes are relatively short and I still leave dripping sweat. If you've ever wanted to try out pilates, Pure makes it really easy for new customers to sign up online. The location isn't the best and the studio is still very small, so signing up for classes early if you want a certain time is important since they are getting more popular.


Coming from a very competitive athletic background, I love to be challenged. Pure Pilates gives me the perfect workout combination of intensity, strength training, and cardio. My body gets ROCKED every single class! I'm stronger, more toned and over all a healthier person since I've become an instructor with Pure. I also love the variety in each class and every instructor…never the same and always butt kicking.


I am so happy they opened a Pilates studio right in the middle of West Campus! The location is so convenient and the classes are super fun- and they kick your butt! Take a class with Natalie if you go! And watch out, you will become an addict!


I love the intimate, welcoming environment of Pure Pilates. From the first time I walked into Pure, each trainer has called me by name. They genuinely make a point to get to know each and every student that takes a class.

Their classes are truly a unique experience and unlike any other workout I have done. While each class differs from the previous, they are designed to engage specific muscle groups to create long, lean muscles. After each workout, I feel realigned while also receiving a great cardio workout… Something that I don't usually receive from a traditional Pilates workout. The trainers push you and are really passionate about what they do. They emphasize form over everything else, and make sure the workout you do is effective.

I love the feeling I get after each workout, and I never leave feeling like I didn't break a good sweat.


Truly enjoyed this powerful, yet not excruciating workout. The owners & teachers were friendly and obviously know their stuff. Probably the most thorough workout you can cram into 45 minutes - hits all body parts. I was pretty sore in certain areas for the next 2 days & will happily go back for more. Good music, clean space - definitely a gem for Austin!

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Pilates newbi and I am loving it. It's an intense 45 minute workout that will get you tight. After only 3 classes I can already feel a tighter core. This review is coming from a long distance runner who thought this would be a walk in the park, boy was I mistaken...this is kicking my butt and I couldn't be happier! Recommend to all!


After my first class at Pure Pilates, I'm amazed at how I got a total cardio workout PLUS the DEEP core burn at the same time. I think I've found an ideal spot to help my on my journey to becoming stronger and fit. And there's PARKING at this super central location. Anyone want to join me?


Just writing to say I love Pure!

I came along once for Allison's Pilates class with Leslie, a regular at Pure, a few months ago and really enjoyed it.

If this email finds her, she may remember me as the sweaty, lanky young guy who shook unsteadily for the duration of the workout!

Needless to say, it kicked my ass and I now have a great respect for Pilates and certainly for your fitness center.


I love the small class size, so the instructor is able to check your form and guide you through the movements to make sure you are following directions, preventing risk of injury. I love how quickly the workout goes by, since you only do each exercise for such a short period of time. I love how the movements target the areas of my body I would most like to work on! I feel like I became stronger and didn't know what an oblique was until about 5 months ago :)

The instructors are super friendly and helpful, and the class is always very challenging no matter how often you attend. And they have an amazing array of sweatshirts!