One of the hottest fitness crazes that started with one small studio in Hollywood, CA by Sebastien Lagree is sweeping the nation, utilizing his patent-pending Megaformers. Building on the foundations of traditional pilates, Pure Pilates Austin uses the Lagree method to incorporate strength training and cardio-intervals to maximize your workout and make those muscles burn. By integrating the key elements of resistance and counter-resistance, clients are able to improve their flexibility, balance, endurance and muscle tone in an exhilarating, yet, low-impact environment.

During our 45-minute signature sculpt sessions, our trainers will take you through an intense, full body workout that focuses on exercises that utilize core strength to sculpt and tone all those little muscles that you may have forgotten you have. As a boutique fitness studio, Pure Pilates Austin offers an intimate class size and no shared equipment to allow our trainers to provide individual support and motivation to help you reach all of your health and fitness goals. Our classes incorporate upbeat music and cardio elements to increase the heart rate and burn those calories away. The studios are held to the highest cleanliness standards, using hospital grade cleaning products, enhanced professional cleaning of all studios and top of the line air filters.

Don’t be afraid as you don’t need to have any experience with Lagree or be in tip-top shape, just a pure mentality…but don't be surprised when you become addicted after just one session!

THE PURE PILATES AUSTIN BUZZ. See what others are saying.


“Be prepared to sweat! Lagree an absolute lifestyle!” –Brittany T.


“They take what could be a very intimidating experience and make it fun. I'm only 5 classes in and can already tell a difference in muscle tone and posture.” –Julie U.


“The Pure Pilates lagree workout is awesome, and very challenging! You really get a great leg workout as well as abs and arms.” –Henry Z.


“These classes will kick your butt and you'll never be in a super large class which is nice. If you like that extra attention, you certainly get it from the trainers at Pure Pilates.” –Rachel S.


Beyond the basic exhalation of working your muscles to exhaustion, the largee sculpting sessions at Pure Pilates Austin will improve your strength, balance and endurance. The workout is designed to push both men and women of all fitness levels to their maximum exertion, sculpting and toning the core, upper body and leg muscles. Many clients have experienced increased body awareness and improved muscle stabilization.

Whether you want to be a Pure athlete, a Pure weekend warrior, a Pure rock star, or just to maintain a Pure mentality this is the place for you!