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Nicole is an avid fitness and health enthusiast, with a strong focus on mental and physical wellness. Her journey into wellness began with an adventurous spirit and an insatiable desire to connect- physically/mental/emotionally to self and those around her. Her fearless spirit allowed her to cultivate relationships in several circles and understand more thoroughly the impact and benefits of mindful movement. As a breathwork coach, Lagree instructor and entrepreneur, Nicole brings a her spark to Austin.

Teaching since 2018, Nicole continues to give her a platform to inspire, strengthen and promote diversity- of mind and body. Her goal is to energize and empower her clients to find their strength and confidence to reach beyond their comfort zone, making progress every time they step on the machine.

When she is not at the studio, she is busy playing with her new puppy Nahla, and getting ready for the biggest life update; welcoming her daughter in July 2022.